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Sv: debian-user-digest Digest V97 #1022 Re: debian-user-digest Digest V97 #974 Re: debian-user-digest Digest V97 #992 Debian User's Manual Debian with non-free packages? Deb Installed? Now What? default Debian smail-fetchmail Default Screen Blanking delete and backspace with xterm/rxvt dev for SCSI tape dhcpd config Diagrams Diald diald & cached webpages Diald/Ipmasq problem solved and working *great*! Re: diald / ppp routing problems diald / ppp routing problems on hamm system Re: diald / ppp routing problems on hamm system [SOLVED] diald question diald vs ipmasquerade dialup (ppp) server Dial-up users on local subnet Diamond 2500, drivers, & XF86Config Diamond stealth 2500 & X setup Diamond Stealth II directory with pkgs in 5-6 howto dmsdosfs DNS setup Does lesstif provide for Netscape? Down after 75 days of up time dpkg error :-( Dpkg-FTP problem dpkg-shlibdeps error dpkg-source dpkg status-file dpkg won't remove a kernel-image package dpkg won't remove nfsroot Druid dselect and debian on walnut creek dselect & other install issues. dselect problems dselect times out Re: "DSFG Free"? Duplicate Messages Dynamic Ip script Dynamic IP Script?? Easy questions? Easy Samba Question eep! server crash elf-x11r6lib Emacs and PCMCIA cards emacs and .Xdefaults Encrypting ISO9660 images? error in compiling satan Errors in compiling a source package Error: Unknown PCI file card adapter /etc/hostname <-- FQDN? /etc/init.d/network /etc/networks Eth0 eth0: Bogus packet size exit script Experience with initrd and loop devices (script included) fat32 in installation vfat module? fax problem fdisk is it available anywhere else? fetchmail and friends fetchmail problem fetchmail won't connect to port 25 few questions A few questions A few (small) problems w/libc6 update FileSystem Sizes Filling in the dialog boxes with Taper 6.8.2 finding myself on DDS-2 tape... finding orphaned files fixing an installtion screw-up Flow of boot process. followed links in netscape? fonts in Navigator forcing a program into another color depth in X Found interesting diald info free backup tailored for removable disks Freebsd, Debian, Caldera Free PageMaker-style program? Frozen system Frustration with JAVA/AWT fsck general protection and core dumps after ftp does ? Other ftpmail servers (debian) ? ftp question fvwm95 fvwm95 (2.0.43b-2) : FvwmAudio (Fwd) Re: parallel zip and scsi-kontroller conflict g77 command line options (sorry) gcc math functions gcc: Signal 7 Re: gcc: Signal 7 Getting info from X Ghostscript / Brother HL-660 GIMP 0.99.14 gimp 0.99.14 - where are its dependencies??? good crack program gpc-problem Gravis and Midi files Hamm distribution hamm install and x... hamm release date? Hanging after xdm login hardcrack compile problems hard drive crash hardware again Hardware question Has anyone bought the debian book and cds? Re: has anyone seen my old friend lndir (sp?) ? Having Trouble Printing From Netscape Heck, Debian is POPULAR! HE: color in xterm and jed Re: HELLO hello? HELP! Broke X, vi help - CDrom file format Help: Install packages Help Kernel Oops! help- ldconfig: warning Help needed intalling debian help needed [urgent] HELP! smail won't deliver! help with mounting particular CD Help with sgml: cannot find debiandoc Help! Xload has gone missing... hostname problem FW: HotJava browser for Linux? HotJava Internet browser How can I use base floppy set to get module support? How can I use PPP connection? how do I kill samba? How do I refresh a Linux SCSI bus? How do I set LOCALE? How do people make backups on Linux? How honest is top how stable is the libc6 version how to keep multiple computers updated How to maintain a network of workstations via dselect? How to mirror the unstable debian distribution non-free included and make a debian-cd with it? how to multi home a system? how to reduce colors used by netscape? How to use bash 2.01-5 vi-style line editing How to use dpkg -b ?? Re: HP SureStore DAT24x6e hptools and magicfilter IBM 6091-23 Monitor Icon Conversion ICQ -- Multi-User Installation identd? identd logging? idled and other timeout programs If lilo just say LI and seemingly dies Imagemagick doesn't release shared memory imake error I'm an idiot and sed proves it... IMAP4 w/ SSL? IMAP folders immovable mouse cursor under XFree86 (Debian 1.3) I must have missed the partition mount step... Incorrect "no room" message on nfs-mounted /var/lib/dpkg I need help setting up X I need help with internic registration process!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I need help with my Gravis Ultrasound "infinite loop in interrupt" info about shadow needed Re: init The last update was on 09:51 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 2842 messages. Page 2 of 6.

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