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Re: Anti-relaying rules for smail?

On Mon, 1 Dec 1997, Remco Blaakmeer wrote:

> Some guy is relaying a huge lot of spam e-mail via my computer. My
> computer is normally only used by myself and I do receive a lot of e-mail
> through several lists, but this guy caused /var/log/smail/logfile to be 41
> MB (that's right, forty-one MEGABYTES) [1]. Does anyone know how to
> prevent such actions, apart from blocking smtp traffic from his computer
> [2]?  I tried mailing his postmaster (using his IP address, not the From:
> line), but I got a 'message undeliverable' (or something like that) error.
> What I would want is a filter that blocks any attempt of sending an e-mail
> from another host to a user at a third host. I beleive this is called
> relaying.  The filter should look at the 'rcpt to:' smtp command, not at
> the 'From:' or 'To:' headers. I know this can be done with sendmail, but
> how do I do it with smail?
> Remco
> [1] this file is rotated once a day like on any default Debian system
> [2] this doesn't prevent others from doing the same trick

Well, I have a solution; however, be warned that I haven't tested this,

At the top of your /etc/smail/routers file, add:
	cmd="/usr/bin/test X${if origin:remote f} = Xf"

Then, in your /etc/smail/transports file, add:
	driver=appendfile; file=/dev/null

This will then throw away all of the relayed messages.

You may also want to add the 'rfc931' option to whatever /etc/hosts.allow
line it is that accepts smtp connections.  Not that the spammer is likely
to be running an identd, but just in case...


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