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Re: daft mail questions

On Mon, 1 Dec 1997, John Spence wrote:

> I'm using fetchmail and sendmail and they seem to work. However when i
> threw Smail away and ran deselect to install Sendmail, the dependency
> information said that I needed "deliver".  I had already installed
> procmail and thought that procmail was the logical equivalent of
> deliver no?

You don't need deliver if procmail is installed... In hamm this was fixed
a while back. You could --force it I guess, but I don't think deliver
needs a whole lot of diskspace. 

> I'm still a bit new at configuring Linux machines for mail (which is
> partly why I'm using Agent), so here is what I think is supposed to
> happen:
> I call fetchmail which checks my POP account and downloads the mail.
> Fetchmail then either (1.) places the mail in /var/spool/mail/username
> or (2.) passes it to a program like "deliver" or "procmail" ?  So
> basically sendmail doesn't do anyting until I export mail ?

I would think that fetchmail would leave the job to the local delivery
agent or the MTA, since they're already there and know how to do that.
I just went and read about fetchmail... I think in most configurations it
uses the MTA on port 25, but you can configure it to use a local delivery
agent if you want.

> I've read a lot of news and docs trying to understand "what happens
> when" but keep reading things that say I only need an MTA like
> sendmail and a MUA like Pine. There seems to be a step in the middle
> missing.

You need an MTA, a delivery agent, and an MUA. I guess some MTA's might
know how to do local delivery -- that might be the source of confusion. 


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