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damn identity crisis

A few weeks ago about three nice people from the Debian-user list helped
me out with setting up & fixing my DNS server, which I am very thankful.
Unfortunately I am now having problems with IRC which may or may not be

When I try to connect to an IRC server, I get 'no authorization' errors
because my system sends my IP instead of the hostname...  It does the same
for all the machines that IP Masquerade through me.

On my system, I use ircii, epic, and kirc which all give the same results.
On the machines using masquerading, I use mirc (win95).. same results.

How can I fix this?


BTW- I finally fixed my problem w/ the mail domain defaulting to
3dillusion.3dillusion.com .. in the /etc/hosts I had '
3dillusion.3dillusion.com 3dillusion' which I changed the full host name
to 3dillusion.com. 

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