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Re: daild setup

john scroggins asked,
> i am having a time setting up my ppp connection ... i want to run daild
> but i cannot seem to be able to configure it ...
> i continue to get various error messages .... as follows
> diald[182] you must define the remote ip address
> daild[182] you must define the local ip address
> diald[182] terminating due to damaged reconfigure
>  following that is ....
> (network audio system) starting base netwk daemons: rpc.portmap xinetd
> fatal server error:
> could not create audio connection block info ....
> i'm new to linux and have no idea where to go from here ... please help

]I just got these when i upgraded from 1.3.1 to hamm.  It seems that a couple of files get whacked in the process.  some are deliberately moved, but the package doesn't seem to get all of the information it needs.

What type of PPP are you using?  is it PAP?  If so, i can probably help, just havingsucessfully fought this.  If no. . . :)

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