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Re: Can I use Samba with dial-up?

	I don't know exactly about dial-up with a modem conections, but I have
conected the abomination with my linux box through a serial cable making it
think it was a modem via dial-up, and it does use standard, yes I am saying
standard PPP, I made de conexion with pppd on the linux side, and it worked.
	Also without samba I could use all linux services from W95 (ftp,
telnet, ping... well I didn't try anything else).
	Using samba I could share printers and files with W95.
	I am sending my specific options file for that conection.
	I would say it uses PAP, I mean, my Internet Server uses PAP and before 
linux I used W95 to conect via dial-up.
	There is something else, I had to use "+ua" insted of "user" option with
pppd to make linux conect to my Internet Server, maybe you have the same

As far as I know, and I am no expert, you should be able to telnet and ftp and
all with no samba.

Hoping to be helpful

PS:If you need to do some testing this W95 as a linux Client, tell me; I will do
the testing and send you the logs or whatever.


On Wed, 19 Nov 1997, Oliver Elphick wrote:

> I have to connect to a client through their Win/NT network to get to their
> Unix machine.  They want me to use Dial-Up Adapter from Win95, but this means 
> that I have to drop all other useful work while I boot up that abomination.
> I can't make it work anyway, and as usual with MS stuff I can't find out
> what is going on.
> Can I use Samba to dial out on a modem and connect to their network?  I can
> see how to use Samba across a network, but not how to use it with a direct
> dial-up connection. 
> Since I actually want to talk to a Unix machine, can I do without Samba 
> altogether?
> Does MS Dial-up Adapter use ppp?
> If so, what kind of negotiation does it do? (I'm sure the customer won't
> know.)
> Is it possible to telnet through such a connection to the network beyond?
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# If you need to set up multiple serial lines then copy
# this file to
# options.<ttyname>	for each tty with a modem on it.
# The options.tty file will assign an IP address to each PPP connection
# as it comes up. They must all be distinct!
# Example:
# options.ttyS1		for com2 under DOS.
# Edit the following line so that the first IP address
# mentioned is the ip address of the serial port while the second
# is the IP address of your host
# I usually use the convention hell + dash + last 2 character of
# the ttyname to refer to serial ports.
# For example servername_s1 for ttyS1 on server "servername"

#connect 'chat CLIENT CLIENTSERVER ' # this was for using W95's Direct Cable Conection

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