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2.0.32pre5 kernel

I downloaded this as a pre-patched tarfile from ftp.kernel.org, then put
it in my /usr/src/, then did a make menuconfig and tried to make-kpkg
kernel_image. In various attempts, I got sig-11's, kernel panics and
oops's -- generally some bad things happened. However, when trying to
compile my 2.0.29 stable kernel sources with make-kpkg, there's no
problem. I figured it might be bad ram so I ran memtest-86 from the
hwtools package for a couple of hours, but it found nothing. 

I'd really like to make my system a little more robust against the F00F
and ip-fragment problems, hence 2.0.32pre5. Does anyone have any hints?
I'd rather not go buy $300 of RAM before I know what's wrong.

Thanks in advance,


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