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RE: CGI Script

On 01-Nov-97 Collin Rose wrote:
>Can anyone tell me how to create or where I can get a CGI script that will
>allow me
>to specify the ADDRESS that appears in the URL window? Is this possible?

Sure it's possible. It's easy if you know perl and a little HTML.  Do you,
when you refer to "address" mean the HTML entity "<address> ... 
</address>"? (I don't have my HTML documentation nearby, but I 
think I got that right).  In any case, you can go to the URL you want to
manipulate and show the source to get detail.  If you know perl the rest
is easy, if not, ley us know what language you're comfortable with, try
something in that language, and if you run into trouble, let us now what
you did and how it went wrong, and someone will, I'm sure, help you.

Ralph Winslow                 rjw@nac.net
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