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Re: 1.3.1 Setup with ULTRA DMA disk

Alex Monaghan writes:
> Help,
> I attempted to install Debian 1.3.1 from the Linux Systems Labs =
> "Official" Debian CD onto my father's PC.
> This installed OK from the boot floppy made from the CD.
> When booting from the rescue disk it finds ide0 at irq14 and ide1 at irq =
> 15 and all works OK, when booting via LILO or via the install process's =
> boot disk it finds ide0 at irq 7 and the md driver fails to load and the =
> boot process stops.
> Any suggestions ?

Yes, while the BIOS allows two IDE drives on different IDE busses, my
experience has found that most OS's don't like that arrangement. Try
re-arranging the hard drives like this:

Primary IDE bus:
first HD
second HD (or cdrom drive if only one HD)

Secondary IDE bus:
third HD  (or cdrom drive if only two HDs)
fourth HD (or cdrom drive)

Next, if the BIOS is a "plug 'n' pray" and the motherboard has the peripheral
controllers built-in, go into the BIOS. Look for the PCI/plug and pray menu
and go there. The submenu should allow you to lock IRQs by telling the BIOS
that they are "legacy" IRQs. Of course, save it and reboot.

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