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Debian insides...

Hey just a quick question....

i'm not all that familiar with unix/linux internals but would like to
learn more....

i've been working with debian for a little while now and do have it up and
running with some applications and x......thanx to the great packaging
that takes care of alot of stuff!!!

Anyhow, i was wondering if there was any documentation on the
architecture/internals of debian??  Such as memory management and the
like. Not necessarily source code, because i KNOW thats made available, 
but outlines on the what and why....methods that linux utilizes,
algorithms and the such.  i'm interested in learning about Debian
architecture but need direction.....like what happens during boot, what
files are read in what order to determine how things happen.....and the
significance of all the directories..../usr....etc....

sorry to sound so "pre-schoolish".....but hey i'm curious!!!!

Thanx in advanced...


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