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Re: "experimental"-like distributions --> Debian Bug #10000 1.3 installation report. [Fwd: Re: dpkg question] Re:[off-topic] XFree86 vs Metro-X a.s.r manpages aclocal ? additional virtual package names for tcl/tk Additions to local web documents adduser + NIS [Debian 1.3 _RELEASE_CANDIDATE_ Available] Advice on copyrights (Re: TkRat (fwd)) ae's vi attempt on boot disks stomps on real vi symlink Angband documentation package Re: Another one... _): Anyone can manipulate any bug report anyone packaged/ing vice (comodore emulator) ? anyone want to package "jade"? Re: Apache server-side includes questions at is broken Re: base-files does not create /usr/local directories Behaviour of "Conflicts:" berolist.deb bo boot disks bootable CD's Re: Bug reports and fixes should be reported upstream Bug system `followup' messages Bug system changes Bug system now tells maintainers about things bug tracking web pages not up-to-date? Re: Bug#10060: libc6-dev: time.h and linux/time.h conflict Bug#10089: Experiences with 1.3 ("bo") Bug#8315 dpkg removal fails Re: Bug#8416: lprng: should recommend removing init.d script of lpr Re: Bug#8471: Size and InstalledSize Re: Bug#8794: wrong arch declaration in dpkg. Re: Bug#8814: dpkg: Executable conffiles in /etc/cron.*/ run even if package is deinstalled. Re: Bug#9196: XFree86-3.1.2 still around? Re: Bug#9242: dpkg: dpkg could be smart about Changes information Re: Bug#9252: ncsa: ncsa in bo uses ldso from unstable Re: Bug#9290: addressbook and efax-08a-3 both contain /usr/bin/fax Re: Bug#9417: xxgdb: Segmentation violation Re: Bug#9435: Bug#9583: Bug#9435: debmake: Solution??? Re: Bug#9582: suidmanager 0.6 uploaded to Re: Bug#9813: rxvt 2.20-4 : Bad setting of TERM environ variable Bugs in shadow-970502-2 cgiwrap_3.5-1_i386.deb is available change cpp include directories for alt compiling Clean Debian installed, but a few problems left. compiling with gettext Re: config packages [Was: rm -r * and the default prompt] Re: Conflict between Packages file and actual files confusion regarding kernel-source and ibcs source Congratulations Re: Consultants list for Debian GNU/Linux copyright Copyright question copyright question for abuse crons scripts should report status info in the mail cvs-buildpackage: CVS trees and automated builds [Was: Using CVS for package development] daylight savings time: POSIX vs real world dcfgtool and clones Re: Debian 1.3 Release Candidate Re: Debian and Linuxconf (again :-) ) (fwd) debian programmers manual not OK? Debian-stable? Default editor/pager default file perms Does PGP build on big-endian systems? Donald Becker's ethernet drivers Re: dpkg and older systems dpkg failings dpkg verify mode for security? dpkg-buildpackage: pgp: Signature error dpkg-shlibdeps and dpkg-gencontrol "chown" problems dpkg-shlibdeps: warning: unknown output dpkg-source and binary files dpkg/DEITY feature request (was Re: e2fsprogs_1.07-1 still in 'experimental' !) dselect/diety audit trail e2fsprogs_1.07-1 still in 'experimental' ! Elm Vulnerability The enlightenment window manager exmh 2.0-gamma uploaded to experimental Re: ext2fs, unrm, and Midnight Commander Failing postinst script with suidmanager FEEDBACK WANTED: Re: wrong arch declaration in dpkg. FreeQt ? ftape upload Re: FVWM2 menus defined out of order... g++ and libc6 gdbm and libc6 glibc 2 for Debian/SPARC glibc2/libc6 infortmation GOAL: Consistent Keyboard Configuration a good permission setting for busmouse devices HD-failure - unable develop debian how to implement a clean SIGHUP handling for closing and reopening log files ? How to re-install installed packages? Huh?!: Re: Uploaded lg-issue17 1-1 (source all) to master Humore (no, I'm not serious here (was Re: a.s.r manpages) I'm (almost) back (and Linuxconf) I'm giving bc and ed away to James Troup Ian Jackson is back idea: SIGDIRCH, ftpd, efs Ideas for `bug'. Imminent Checker upgrade release Re: IMP: downgrad of ldso removes ldso! IMP: downgrade ldso to bo: no ldso left! IMPORTANT: libc5 5.4.23-6 has to be in bo Re: IMPORTANT: Unstable fixes not in frozen Re: In defense of `ae`. inetd.conf trashed Infocom Games (Was: long list of give away or orphaned packages) install to umsdos root? Re: ircii_EPIC3.004-1 The last update was on 06:47 GMT Fri May 17. There are 1203 messages. Page 1 of 3.

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