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Infocom Games (Was: long list of give away or orphaned packages)

> Some background:  In the '80s, Infocom produced a lot of excellent
> adventure games, and they published them all in portable, completely
> architecture-independant 'story files'.  When you bought the game, you
> got an interpreter and a story file, (although you normally didn't know
> that).  Since then, various people have decyphered the story file
> format and produced a compiler (Inform) to generate these files, and
> interpreters (Frotz being one) to play them.
> If we had Frotz, it would be simple to package up a large(ish) number
> of the games available.

Just so you know, I've already packaged up an Infocom parser (called
"infocom") package.

> I suspect a lot of the games would have to go in contrib, as they don't
> have their Inform source with them, and Inform itself would have to be
> non-free, 'cause it has restrictions on profit-making.  I think Frotz
> could go in the main distribution, but I'll have to check on that...

None of the Infocom games can be distributed, however.  You have to
buy them.

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