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Re: ircii_EPIC3.004-1 j1 just making sure we're all really this quiet Kernel 2.0.30 a bad choice for 1.3 kernel header files : problems (yes, again) Re: kernel header files : problems (yes, again)\ kernel on 1997-05-01 boot disks missing loop device Re: Kernel on 1997-05-01 boot disks missing stuff. Re: libc5 FAQ libc6 migration -- xlib Libraries compiled with libc6 libshadow Linux International list of bashisms Re: login installation weirdness? Logo's long list of give away or orphaned packages lyx_0.10.7-3 has been created. magicfilter and samba Re: Maintainer of amaya ... Maintainers keyring Re: Make bug package required? Make bug package required? (was Re: berolist.deb) Making netpbm free Man-Db and Man both in Frozen??? man page section "debian" ? inconsistency in Packages file May I remove a "feature" from man? [was: Bug#10039] mirror list ftp site is full message Missing xemacs mount_2.6g-1_i386 Upload. msdos-i386 and symlinks in DOS Re: name of expect package ncurses4.0 ncurses back on hold... ncurses & libc6 ncurses package orphaned... New -altdev packages for libc5 New lists for copies of closed and forwarded bug notices Re: New Package: chris-cust 0.1 New Package Developer Needs A Little Help New Source Formats and Source Package Verification new virtual package: ups-monitor No 3,5" boot disks. No changelog.upstream anymore non-us packages no Packages file in rex/binary-i386! A note on dpkg release engineering ObjC runtime (was: Upcoming Debian Releases) official C library Re:[off-topic] XFree86 vs Metro-X Old bug mirror at will close Old bug reports OpenDos open package -- /bin? Why? Outstanding Critical Bug #9254 Outstanding Critical Bugs Re: Package organization issue... Package (possibly) available: mgetty Re: & qmail (was Re: Using CVS for package development) Re: & qmail (was Re: Using CVS for package development) & qmail (was Re: Using CVS for package development) Re: & qmail (was Re: Using CVS for package development) Packages I'd like to do Packages replaced by different packages (was: Re: glibc) packaging plan Patch to suidregister Pbs with locale and fonts Perl 5.004, perl modules, and binary compatibility Perl issues Please remove your /dev/cu* devices ! policy about putting packages into frozen ? Policy for "get-orig-source" in debian/rules ? Policy question Policy regarding adding TeX/LaTeX styles and classes posix time / 822-date problem Possible bug in dpkg-source? Possible fix? Re: Possible bug in dpkg-source? Possible fix? Possible solution to custom installations. Pristine Sources in dpkg-source Re: Problems adding swap files Problems with inittab Problems with serial ports? (longish life story) Problems with the current source packaging scheme Problem with either xbase or ssh. Re: Proposal: New source format Proposal: New source format (was Re: [Fwd: Re: dpkg question]) qmail for debian - when will it be released? Re: Questions (Debian Install) Questions (Debian Install) (fwd) Re: Remaining critical bugs (IMHO) Removing packages with critical bugs Reporting a bug that's already been reported... Resolving perl-tk file overlap with addbbs and netcdf-perl. RFC: a "debian-daemon" project RFC: a "Debian System Method" for dpkg RFC: Kernel-package: Please add the '.config' file in the binary package RFC: locking policy for Debian RFC: new mailing lists with native languages RFC: Policy for arch specs RFC: policy supplement for library packages Rick's Cheesy MIDI Plug-In Package rm -r * and the default prompt RTLinux/RS-485 Re: runlevels [was Re: Upcoming Debian Releases] Search engine for bug-track Sending closed bug notices to interested parties. sendmail .dsc file is missing sendmail/smail with relaying blocks? shadow-970502 released Re: shadow-970502 released (fwd) Should we implement a /etc/profile.d? Re: Should we implement a /etc/profile.d? (/etc/environment proposal) SIOCSIFFLAGS smail bug? FQND not in proper format S: native english speaker to check some documentation The last update was on 19:32 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 1203 messages. Page 2 of 3.

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