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Re: FreeQt ?

> On Tue, 13 May 1997, Jim Pick wrote:
> > If someone wants to contribute to an effort to clone a toolkit, they'd
> > probably be much better off contributing to the WINE project (Windows
> > emulator) or Jolt project (Java clone - kaffe, biss-awt, guavac, etc.).
> What do you think about "Lesstiff"? 

That's a good one to help out with too.  I am sure that there are others
(Gtk, Free-LIP, etc...).  Or someone could always write their own -
one more couldn't possibly hurt.  :-)

I'm not really clear on what the best toolkit for development really
is, but some of the free ones look really, really good.  I'll probably
end up doing most of my GUI stuff using a higher-level toolkit like
Java or Tcl/tk though.


 - Jim

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