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Re: copyright question for abuse

Joey Hess <joey@kite.ml.org> writes:

> This all seems ok except for maybe the export restrictions section. We don't
> have a non-Cuba-Yugoslavia-Hati-Iran-Iraq-North-Korea-and-Syria section like
> we have a non-us section.. so does abuse belong in non-free or on some
> us-only ftp site, or what?

Don't worry about that.  The same statement could be made about the
entire main distribution.

> Also, what is being released into the public domain is the abuse engine, but
> not the data files for the actual game (levels, sounds, so on). Those still
> have a non-free copyright. So there will probably be a abuse-libs package
> that is in non-free, which will stick abuse, which will depend on that
> package, right back in contrib, where it is now.

At least it won't be a.out any more.


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