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Re: Bug#10089: Experiences with 1.3 ("bo")

On Fri, 23 May 1997, David L. Johnson wrote:

> Package: project
> Version: 1.3 (?)
> I installed, yesterday, what is supposed to become version 1.3.  I got
> this from ftp.debian.org, downloaded to create a local version on a disk
> partition (my connection is via slip, so network installation is
> unlikely to succeed).  
> In general, I must say that the experience was the best I have had with
> any linux distribution, going back to a pre-slackware release whose name
> I forgot a long time ago.  I had installed debian 1.1 (again, before
> official release), and had many troubles with dselect, but that went
> reasonably smoothly this time.  
> The reason I had to re-install was that, with all my troubles before, I
> had gone "outside" the debian system to replace a program or two, which
> somehow confused dpkg, and it refused to work from then on.
> A few minor problems:
> In dselect, running "configure packages" multiple times, as suggested in
> the documentation, did not seem to correct some of the misinstalled
> packages (Xserver, xext).  
The documentation should suggest re-running Install, not Configure.
Running Install until all errors cease is the prescribed work around for


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