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Re: a.s.r manpages

Buddha Buck:
> Personally, I question placing them in the main distribution at all 
> (including non-free and contrib).  I have nothing wrong with the 
> contents (if available, it would be installed on my system rather 
> quickly), but rather the unwanted publicity it could cause.

I packaged up some of the ASR man pages as a red hat package back 9 or 10
months ago when I was using red hat, and uploaded it to ftp.dehat.com. This
was before dead chickens appeared on ASR. :-) I don't think that package
generated unwanted publicity, in fact, I never heard from anyone who ever
installed it.

Look at it this way: I don't think any of the man pages mention ASR at all.
So the only person who is going to connect ASR with the package is someone
who looks at the package description. Who's most likly to do that? The
sysadmin who installs it [1]. Seems appropriate...

Oh, to the packager: be sure to include the c(1) manpage that appeared on
ASR yesterday.

[1] Or at least a user clueful enough to know about dpkg -s [2]
[2] Sorry about [1] and [2]. ASR-mode, you know..

see shy jo

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