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Re: GOAL: Consistent Keyboard Configuration

On Mon, 26 May 1997, Jim Pick wrote:

> I agree 100% with what Ian says.  (Let's do it)

Me too! (I didn't know that such a simple solution is possible :-)

So what about the other keys? I suggest that all character keys, symbols,
etc. should produce the character that's printed on the key (this sounds
reasonable, doesn't it :-)

Then I have a "special ALT" key on my german kbd, that's label "Alt Gr".
In DOS/Win95 it behaves like pressing Ctrl-Alt together. It's useful to
get some "alt-alt keys" (for example, I have "=", "0", and, "}" on one
key). I think the behaviour should be the same in Debian.

Other keys:

  - "End": Should jump to the end of the line/document, depending on where
it's used, for example, jumps to end of line in "readline", but end of
document in "less". Ok?

  - "Home": Opposite of "End".

What about the second "cursor block" at the right? It would be nice if one
could switch between the function keys (left, right, etc.) and the digits
(0, 1, etc.) with the "Num Lock" key. Is this possible? (The current
behaviour is to produce digits all the time, no matter if "Num Lock" is

Then I have a "Print" key, "Scroll-Lock", and "Pause". All three keys
don't have an effect in my X configuration--on the console "Scroll-Lock"
starts/stops terminal output, just like "C-S and C-Q". Is there any useful
meaning for "Print" and "Pause" in Linux?

Does someone have any other special keys on his keyboard that we should
define? (We'll just do it if the keyboard layout is widely used.)



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