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bo boot disks

I'm putting together a couple of debian systems tonight, and I've
a couple problems

(1) floppy installation forces you to re-install all floppies if
there's any problems (e.g. checksum).  So far, I've had one bad
base disk 2, two bad base disk 3s, and a bad disk 4.  That means
that, for example, I've installed disk 1 more than five times.
It would be nice to have an option to retry another copy of the
floppy after a failure like this.

(2) I've got a pnp intel etherexpress pro ethernet controller
(Intel 82557 rev 2) according to /proc/pci -- but neither of
the intel ethernet modules does me any good.  I hope I'll
eventually be able to find the right kernel for this.
I wish I could look at the linux boot messages from the rescue
disk boot...


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