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Re: GOAL: Consistent Keyboard Configuration

david@eos.lugs.ch (David Frey)  wrote on 27.05.97 in <[🔎] m0wWTB5-000AHSC@eos>:

> AltGr is a special modifier: it is a kind of Hyper key if you want
> (with Alt == Meta).

Ah yes, this brings up a point: *Don't* use Alt=(bit 0x80)! This won't  
work for most people (anybody that needs more than ASCII).

It's been a bad idea from the start.

> PS: I was never able to reliably switch the Ctrl/CapsLock key a la Sun.

And don't do this as a standard feature, either - CapsLock is bad enough  
on its own, but switching it with Ctrl would make a keyboard just about  
unusable for me. The way I type, CapsLock is just about out of reach for  
every finger.

MfG Kai

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