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Re: Conflict between Packages file and actual files

kai@khms.westfalen.de (Kai Henningsen)  wrote on 24.05.97 in <6XSVA71jcsB@khms.westfalen.de>:

> Hmm. Some thing that might help is a regular automatic comparision of
> ftp.debian.org and master.debian.org. I'll think about that for a while
> ...

I just wrote something. First result: at this moment, master and ftp are  
identical, except for Incoming (of course), and except for the problem  
that somewhere, someone is losing or gaining seven hours. The time stamps  
between master and ftp are off by those seven hours.

We should try to make sure that our mirrors don't munge the time stamps.  
That way, it is easier to change mirrors.

I believe the usual problem is that the timezones seen by mirror and the  
ftp daemon don't agree (most probably, one of them is at UTC).

The same effect can happen if mirror is accidentally run with  
use_timelocal=false (generally a bad idea).

Hmm. I just saw that master's ftpd uses UTC, not local time, and thus  
differs by 5 hours from master's local time. The ls-lR differs by 2 hours  
from local time; how on earth?! And ftp.debian.org seems to agree with the  
ls-lR. Strange!

MfG Kai

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