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Re: IMPORTANT: Unstable fixes not in frozen

On Wed, 30 Apr 1997, Guy Maor wrote:

> Package               Bo Version      Hamm Version   Suspicous?
> --------------------  --------------  -------------  ----------
> fvwm-common           2.0.45-BETA-1   2.0.45-BETA-3  YES!
> fvwm2                 2.0.45-BETA-1   2.0.45-BETA-3  YES!

2.0.45-BETA-2 or later _must_not_be_released_: you can't install them
from scratch, since the postinst fails due to some shoddy argument
parsing on my part.

I have a fixed 2.0.45-BETA-4 on pre-release from:
which fixes some of these problems.  I still want to make a few
changes to it, but by and large its all there.

I'd like to use some of the features of menu-1.x, which Joost says is
ready to go (it's been in unstable for a while, now).


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