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Re: Bug#10089: Experiences with 1.3 ("bo")

On Mon, 26 May 1997, Dale Scheetz wrote:

> > A few minor problems:
> > 
> > In dselect, running "configure packages" multiple times, as suggested in
> > the documentation, did not seem to correct some of the misinstalled
> > packages (Xserver, xext).  
> > 
> The documentation should suggest re-running Install, not Configure.
> Running Install until all errors cease is the prescribed work around
> for dselect.

Configure followed by Install is the best way.

Configure will get all the packages which were installed before the packages
they depended upon.

Install will get all the rest....and will run faster because it won't have
to re-install the packages which only failed to configure because of a minor
dependancy problem.

The usual order I run dselect in is:

    1. I usually upgrade dpkg, ldso, libc[56], and other important
       packages by hand before starting dselect if there are new
       versions in my mirror.

    2. run dselect.

    3. UPDATE

    4. SELECT

    5. INSTALL

    6. if there are problems, sometimes i press ^Z to suspend dselect,
       cd to the appropriate subdirectory of my debian mirror and install
       a few packages by hand...then type 'fg' to return to dselect.


    8. sometimes REMOVE is required, e.g. when a package replaces another
       package but the control information is incorrect.

    9. if there were any installation problems, repeat from step 5.
       (alternatively, repeat from step 4 and de-select problem packages
       or select extra packages)

   10. QUIT

Until dselect can install in dependancy order, this is the least hassle
way to complete a dselect installation or upgrade.


craig sanders
networking consultant                  Available for casual or contract
temporary autonomous zone              system administration tasks.

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