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additional virtual package names for tcl/tk


tcl and tk should have virtual package names, so a program must not
depend on one tcl package, but can use whatever is present.

of course there can be packages, that will only run with one version of
tcl, so we can provide several tcl and tk packages. but debian native
packages should use the newest version available.

examples :
exmh depends on tcl74|tcl75 and tk40|tk41
libtclobj depends on tcl74 and tk40
axe depends on tcl74
tkps depends on tk40 and tcl74
expect depends on tcl74
addressbook depends on tcl75 and tk41

these programs should use the newest version. i know, that tcl versions
are incomptatible, but every maintainer should at least try, if the
package will work with the newest version or patch it (if it's a small
(example: i'm running addressbook with tk42/tcl76 and everything is ok).

problem: "tcl" and "tk" were used ago as package name, and they cannot
be used as virtual names. solution: "tclsh" and "wish".

regards, andreas

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