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Re: Bug#9813: rxvt 2.20-4 : Bad setting of TERM environ variable

>>>>> "John" == John Goerzen <jgoerzen@complete.org> writes:

    John> X11 mouse support is something that is important to me
    John> personally.  Home and end keys aren't that important since
    John> most apps don't handle them correctly anyway.

Well, since rxvt's special features are important enough, I'll have
rxvt set TERM=rxvt for color displays and TERM=rxvt-mono for
monochrome displays.  I'll contact the maintainer of the ncurses-base
package and ask him to add an rxvt-mono terminfo/termcap entry.

	[ stuff omitted ]

    John> Or we could forget about trying to adapt to a B&W screen
    John> until such a thing happens and just set it to rxvt.  After
    John> all, the Linux console doesn't automatically remove colors
    John> when not used on a color system.

    John> And how many people are using true monochrome graphics
    John> anymore anyway?  AFAIK, the latest PC monitor that did that
    John> was the old Hercules (sp?)  card used in XTs.  I don't think
    John> XFree86 even supports that card anymore.  Most of the
    John> non-color monitors I've seen for PCs these days are simply
    John> grayscale VGAs.  They look like color monitors to the PC.  I
    John> think that if we start worrying terribly about people who
    John> have 1-bit displays, that we are going to be doing a lot of
    John> unnecessary hacks to the system.  Remember, we're talking
    John> about a display here that cannot even do bolding correctly.

	[ stuff omitted ]

    John> Even standard VGA has 16 colors and would support color
    John> rxvt.  I really have not seen a 386 or better running
    John> anything older than VGA, and VGA (or SVGA) always has at
    John> least 16 colors available.  In fact, do we even have any
    John> Debian users on 1-bit displays?

This is a mistake.  I for one have used a 1-bit display.  I have a PC
with a Matrox graphics card, and before XFree86 supported this type of
card, I was forced to use either the generic 16 color VGA server or
the monochrome server.  You obviously have never used X windows on a
16 color display -- it looks horrible.  I very much preferred the
monochrome display.  Don't knock B&W.  It gets the job done and no
color is often better than bad color.

	[ stuff omitted ]

    John> The standard termcap/terminfo out there (distributed by esr
    John> I believe) has those entries.  It is not our job to take
    John> care of OSs with obsolete termcap and terminfo stuff.
    John> (There is no excuse for no xterm-color entry -- the color
    John> xterm has been in X for years)

Don't tell me ... tell the xbase maintainer.  Debian's xterm does not
set TERM=xterm-color.

	[ stuff omitted ]

>>>>> "Brian" == Brian Mays <bem5r@virginia.edu> writes:

    Brian> With this mind, rxvt will set the TERM variable to xterm or
    Brian> xterm-color depending on the color depth of the X display.
    Brian> This is the default behavior of rxvt provided by the
    Brian> upstream maintainers, so it should be consistent with rxvt
    Brian> version compiled on non-Debian Unices.

    John> If this is the default behavior of rxvt, how come the Debian
    John> version doesn't do this?  I'm running in 16-bit color mode
    John> and it still sets it to xterm.

I did not compile rxvt to set TERM=xterm-color because Debian's
version of xterm does not set it.  If I was incorrect, at least I was
being consistent.


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