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Re: dpkg verify mode for security?

Darren/Torin/Who Ever... wrote:
> Actually, as opposed t a security measure, I would've found something
> like this useful as a backup-check measure.
> I had a nasty head-crash last week.  Thankfully, I had recent backups.
> Unfortunately, I had upgraded a number of packages after the latest
> backup.  /usr was hit hard but /var was pretty clean.  So, I had
> restored some old version of files and had no real idea which ones.  I
> figure that eventually, they will all get replaced.  Still, being able
> to write a perl script that tells me which files didn't match the stuff
> in /var/lib/dpkg/info would've been handy.

Or an audit-trail of invocations of dpkg (e.g. "adduser 3.1-2 installed
and configured successfully on Wed May 29 1997 00:00:23, replaced



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