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Re: Bug system `followup' messages


	I think, from the volume of discussion on bugs-dist, that most
 developers have signed up on that list (and I at least follow it
 quite diligently). I would rather not clutter up debian-devel with
 that traffic (if we send all reports to debian-devel, please arrange
 to have the debian-bugs* list stopped, since they will be largely

	The feature request I have for the bug system is that I now
 see the message sent to the person closing the bugon
 debian-bugs-closed, but I would much rather see the message that
 closed the bug (right now I know what the problem was, not what the
 solution is). 

	I would actually prefer to have the close message send to
 debian-bugs-dist, so I could use the threading capabilities of my
 news reader and have the whole history of the bug at my finger tips. 

 No, I'm not going to explain it.  If you can't figure it out, you
 didn't want to know anyway...  :-) --Larry Wall in
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