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Re: cvs-buildpackage: CVS trees and automated builds

Does this mean that debian is finally going to have a make world, and also
a CVS scheme just like the bsd's?  Finally!  Woohoo!!!  Heres to Debian,
the finest Linux distribution :>  Now, if only we could configure the
kernel at boot time like in bsd....

Heck, with the .deb format, this is gonna go bsd one better, with
dependancies and things....

On 28 May 1997, Manoj Srivastava wrote:
> 	So, I can compile all the packages I want by just running:
>  __> cd /usr/local/src/Work; for i in *; do
>    > (cd $i; cvs-buildpackage -rsudo )
>    > done

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