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Re: FreeQt ?

actually, a lot of us find the sound driver stuff objectionable too
(because it leaves us with practically useless sound code, almost
enough to drive one to NetBSD :-) I still don't have any way to use
*both* ESS1688's in my laptop (when docked), which should be *trivial*
if the module took arguments like every other module in the
system... but no, that feature seems to only be in the "commercial"
version.  So no, "pretty common" isn't even close -- the OSS stuff is
just *another* glaring diversion from Free Software.  I'm surprised it
ever got in to the kernel that way, but I didn't have any sound
support on any of my machines until my newest [refurbished, 3year old]
laptop... and didn't realize until now just how bad it was...

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