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Re: config packages [Was: rm -r * and the default prompt]

Kai Henningsen <kai@khms.westfalen.de> writes:

> One thing that I have missed in this debate so far: a lot of the  
> configurations relevant to this discussion should really be adjustable per  
> user.

Ideally, yes.  I guess so many of us have single-user systems that
this point tends to get overlooked.

> With that in mind, wasn't there some dot file generator? Could that thing  
> be made to do this?

Now you are talking about a program to be executed by each user that
lists a series of possible configurations for each application and
allows the user to choose one.

This truly would be the best way to make Debian newbie-friendly.  Now
all we need is someone to write this thing (or to find and improve
this dot file generator to which you refer, if it exists).


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