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Re: GOAL: Consistent Keyboard Configuration

>>"Christian" == Christian Schwarz <schwarz@monet.m.isar.de> writes:

Christian> Perhaps we can make an exception for stupid emacs (yes, I
Christian> use it too :-)

Christian> I just had a look at the article again and it seams as the
Christian> author silently overrides ^H to behave like Backspace :-)

Christian> Anyways, I don't want to mess around with different
Christian> meanings of the Backspace/Delete keys all the time just
Christian> because the author of Emacs did this mistake!

	Unfortunately, I think this is a very poular package to
 dismiss this easily ;-(.

Christian> Let me summarize (and please correct me if I'm wrong):

Christian> 1) everyone agrees that "Backspace" (the "<--" key) should
Christian>    delete to the left
Christian> 2) that "Delete" (the "del" key, or "Entf" for germans :-) 
Christian>    should delete the key the cursor is standing on

	Ok so far.

Christian> 3) ^H (that is Ctrl-H) should act like "Backspace"

	Why on earth? Espescially under X, delete is delete, backspace
 is backspace, and neither should be C-H. Is there a technical reason
 for this?

Christian> except within emacs, where ^H should bring up the online
Christian> help

	See above.

Christian> Correct?

Christian> Does someone know if this is possible? If not, I suggest to
Christian> drop rule 4). Anyways, I'm talking about the "default kbd
Christian> configuration" of a Debian system. Everyone is free to
Christian> override this with his own meaning of some keys.

	I would rather remove support for Delete (which I personally
 rarely use). Are we going to provide instructions on how exactly to
 accomplish unsetting this behaviour? So that users may choose on a
 user by user basis?

	Currently, on a console, I get, under bash, and Emacs,
 backspace deletes char backwards, and C-H gets help, and the same
 thing happens on an xterm. I cheat. My backspace sends DEL under the
 VT, and X emacs, but not in an xterm (where it sends C-H). (I have
 forgotten how exactly I achieve all this on all the different
 platforms I reside on, now ;-() 

Christian> For example, we could ask the user at installation time of
Christian> the emacs package, whether he/she wants to

	In this case the installer unilaterally dictates to the
 preferences of *all* users of the machine.

Christian> a) ^H _and_ Backspace to bring up the help screen or ^H
Christian> _and_ Backspace delete the character to the left

	But this is hardly the desired behaviour: we want backspace to
 delete the character to the left, and C-H to pull up help.  We
 definitely don't want them both to do the same thing, ever.

>> Change thingslike this around, and see another jihad erupt ;-)

Christian> Hey, I'm not going to give up that early!

	Then let loose the dogs of war ;-)

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