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Re: crons scripts should report status info in the mail

> Q: Is anyone using `autoconf`?  I wonder if it's worth learning to
> use, and what people use it for.  (I've barely glanced over the
> manuals for it, so far.)

Most main GNU packages (ie. what's on prep) have switched over to
autoconf (even gcc itself probably will, there's an effort underway,
just for the host-side configuration; even *without* the feature
tests, it's a win because you get consistent configure arguments...)

A couple of years ago, I switched Kerberos V5 over from Imake to
Autoconf; there's a blurb about the issues in the manual, and there
are some messy bits due to the large and complex directory structure,
but it was *definitely* a win (especially in terms of making vxworks
and cygwin32 cross-compiled ports practical, but even more for making
small host changes not matter...)  It also helps to look at examples,
rather than just the documentation - ie. pick a package that you'd
build anyway, and use the autoconf docs to help figure out *how* it
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