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Re: 1.3 installation report.

nope, recent versions of xbase aren't any better about shadow support,
	1) there's nothing in the programmers guide even mentioning it
	2) the xdm shadow support doesn't fall back in any sane way,
and it's more than just dropping a check -- a bunch of code needs
rearrangement. (If you run xdm-shadow on a non-shadow system, you *lose*...)

I've never understood why the debian shadow code was so primitive.
Any reason why the classic "getpw* give you a password field if you've
got root" implementation isn't used?  I can think of a few reasons
(avoiding coredumps in programs not actually needing passwords) but
they're kind of weak [and could be handled better by simply providing
a shadow_need_passwords() call to enable the feature...]

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