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dpkg-source and binary files

Is there any way to tell dpkg source to ignore changes to some pattern 
of binary files?

The reason this has come up for me is that xemacs's (and emacs's) .elc 
files are binary files, and are regenerated when the .el file is
modified (here I assume emacs's build process is similar to xemacs,
but I don't really know that).

Well the frustration is when trying this and that thing recreating the 
.elc files causes dpkg-source to barf on those files.  I could just
delete all the .elc files in the clean portion of the debian/rules
file, but it takes a very long time (like hours) to regenerate all
those files.  What I have wound up doing is prerunning dpkg-source.
Parsing the output, and removing any files it complains about so that
when the real dpkg-source gets run by dpkg-buildpackage it won't
complain (except about some missing files).

This is also, obviously, not a good solution, but it works for the
moment.  So... if there is not option to ignore changes to certain
files (like *.elc) then should there be, and could it be added easily?
(i honestly haven't even looked at the dpkg-source source).


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