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Re: ae's vi attempt on boot disks stomps on real vi symlink


Oops, I seem to have started an editor jihad --- sorry.

Let's see if I can stop it ;)

I use ae, vi, and (x)emacs, and think they all have their time and place.

The thing that causes me problems with the current vi (really ae) is that, 
presumably because I'm a bit stupid, when I type vi and see ae start up I 
start trying to use ae's F-keys, which means I have to stop and start again.

Anyway, my favourite suggestion on this thread was to start out with vi being 
a script which prints something like:

  Sorry we cannot fit vi on the boot disks, so you have two alternatives:

    ae    A simple mode-less editor with on screen help
          (can also be invoked as ``edit'')

    aevi  The same editor in vi emulation mode

  Once you get to install further packages, there is a selection of real vi
  implementations to choose from (as well as emacs and others), so you don't
  need to put up with ae or aevi for long if you don't like them.

and install ae and aevi to match.

At least that way, confused souls such as myself will be reminded that they 
don't have true vi available yet, and people won't be tempted to claim that 
``Debian doesn't have vi''.

Cheers, Phil.

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