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Re: exmh 2.0-gamma uploaded to experimental

> I also want to get faces and sound support functioning for the 2.0
> release.  Anyone who has had experience with these please contact me.

To do faces (copied from a sample "tip" I posted to debian-doc:

tip: getting the picons database to work with exmh

submitted by: Jim Pick <jim@jimpick.com>
date: March 30, 1997
packages: exmh, compface, picon-domains, picon-news, picon-users, picon-misc,
   picon-unknown, picon-usenix, picon-weather

exmh has the ability to display a picture of the faces of the people you
receive e-mail from.  If no face is available, it can also display an icon
for the organization the person is from, or a country flag, based upon their
e-mail address.

To configure exmh, go to Exmh Preferences - Faces.  (a screen shot might go
nicely here)

Some e-mail messages have X-Face: headers, which is usually a 3-line header
which looks like this:

X-Face: Hz"C77\53<,u1}C~=DFwS#Ddj161XLl6W!3g7xjxh*P'`FF^-IYQXX$a*WC~=^8rvy"~<3z

The compface package contains a program which can convert these lines to a 
32x32 black and white image that exmh can display.  To do this, type in
"uncompface -X" into the dialog where it says "X-Face command".

If you want to use the picons database - install the picon-* packages, and 
check off the "Use faces database" option.

You also need to add the following line to your .bashrc or /etc/profile (for
systemwide settings) file:

export FACEPATH=/usr/lib/picon/users:/usr/lib/picon/usenix:/usr/lib/picon/misc:

And you should soon see faces!


I don't have a sound card (I'm buying one tomorrow), so I don't really have a 
clue how to get sound working.


 - Jim

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