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Re: Consultants list for Debian GNU/Linux

Behan Webster wrote:
> I've just volunteered to maintain the list of consultants wanting
> to offer paid support to people running debian systems.  I am
> unaware of anyone else currently doing so.  If someone is
> already doing such, please contact me.
> Once this list is assembled, it will be put on both the debian
> web site and be added to the Debian 1.3 CD image that is to be
> distributed.
> If you wish to be listed as a Debian third-party consultant,
> please email me the following information:
> - Your name
> - Your address (city and country is all that's necessary)
> - Your email address
> - Your phone number (International phone number(1) please)
> - Your fax number (International phone number(1) please)
> - Url to your web page
> - Fees, charges, rates, terms, etc.
> (1) By International phone number, I mean a phone number that
>     can be used to reach you from any country.  For example,
>     my phone number would be: +1-613-224-7547

I forgot to mention, please list your consultant fees in both
US dollars and your local currency.  (of course, if you are
based in the US, listing your fees only in US dollars is
sufficient.  8) )

Wow.  I've already received a reply since I sent my last post! 8)


Behan Webster
(Debian Consultant list maintainer)

Behan Webster     mailto:behanw@verisim.com
+1-613-224-7547   http://www.verisim.com/

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