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Re: Ian Jackson is back

Christoph Lameter writes:
> I would recommend you letting the others that have already started the
> work proceed instead of interfering with their progress right now. And I
> have strong feelings about leaving the whole thing in Klee's competent
> hands and giving him enough freedom to work on dpkg.

Klee and I have already been discussing how we can work together on
dpkg, and I share your confidence in his abilities.  As he says, we
are looking forward to getting on with things.

I'm sorry that I obviously don't have your confidence, but I shall
continue to do what I feel is best, and I'll continue to try to deal
with advice, suggestions &c according to their merits.

First, though, my 3700-message INBOX is making my Emacs very slow.
Perhaps I should get back to answering/filing old email or
fixing/improving the bug system.


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