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Re: Another one... _):

On 1 May 1997, Manoj Srivastava wrote:

> Hi,
> 	What is the proper thing to do with a package which is free,
>  but whose capabilities would be impaired (some would say seriously
>  impaired) unless a package from the non-free distribution is also
>  installed? (I am talking about LaTeX2HTML and netpbm; LaTeX2HTML runs
>  latex on snippets of the origina that can't be translated into HTML,
>  and then converts the dvi file to ps which it converts to xbm and
>  then to a gif file, inlined in the final product).
> 	Does this mean that LaTeX2HTML should be moved to non-free as
>  well? The current solution is to merely recommend netpbm, even though
>  this is non-free.

According to the current policy, a "free" package that is depending on a
package in non-free has to go into "contrib". This also applies to
packages recommending a package in non-free in some cases. (This merely
depends on how much the other package is needed.)



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