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Re: FreeQt ?

> Jim Pick wrote:
> > Even if we wrote one, I doubt the KDE guys, especially Matthias Ettrich, would
> > be willing to use it.  Really an unfortunate situation, IMHO.  :-(

Noel Maddy wrote:
> Berate me for missing the obvious, but couldn't KDE just be compiled with
> a QT clone for Debian?  What am I missing?

That's true.  However, since the primary users of Qt are the KDE guys,
and since they wouldn't like what you were doing if you were re-writing
it -- it just doesn't seem like it would be a very rewarding way to
spend one's time.  Especially since there are already free application
frameworks like wxWindows and V that do essentially the same thing 
(unless I'm missing something).

If someone wants to contribute to an effort to clone a toolkit, they'd
probably be much better off contributing to the WINE project (Windows
emulator) or Jolt project (Java clone - kaffe, biss-awt, guavac, etc.).

Besides, Qt is 'almost-free' software.  If it doesn't become a runaway
commercial success, I'd bet Troll Tech would re-release it as free
software after a few years.


 - Jim

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