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dpkg-shlibdeps and dpkg-gencontrol "chown" problems

Greetings!  Is anyone else having problems with the following two
"chown" commands of dpkg-shlibdeps and dpkg-gencontrol, respectively?

#    chown(@fowner, "$varlistfile.new") ||
#	syserr("chown of \`$varlistfile.new'");

#chown(@fowner, "$fileslistfile.new") 
#		|| &syserr("chown new files list file");

When left uncommented, both trigger the syserr message, and the first
in addition gives a "no such file" error. (substvars.new is newly
created by the previous command.)  I run this under a user name in the
"root" group, having changed the permissions of
/usr/bin/{build,debpkg} to 4750.  This probably isn't a bug, but a
configuration problem on my part, but as I don't know perl yet, I
really can't say what it is.  Running Debian 1.2, and the following
versions of the relevant software:

wisdom:~$ dpkg -l |grep debm
ii  debmake         1.95           Development environment for Debian Sourcepac
wisdom:~$ dpkg -l |grep dpkg
ii  dpkg          Package maintenance system for Debian Linux
ii  dpkg-dev        Package building tools for Debian Linux


cmaguire@enhanced.com				      Camm Maguire
"The earth is one country, and mankind its citizens."  Baha'u'llah

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