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Re: Additions to local web documents


>>"Jim" == Jim Pick <jim@jimpick.com> writes:

Manoj> 3) LaTeX2HTML converted documents have traditionally refered to the
Manoj>    relative URL /usr/lib/latex2html/icons/X.gif. This worls
Manoj>    fine for the base url file:// (when viewing the files
Manoj>    directly using lynx/netscape/w3, but if this is to be
Manoj>    visible from my sever, I need to create the directory
Manoj>    <Document Root>/usr/lib/latex2html/icons/ and populate this
Manoj>    with a forest of links.

Jim> That's sort of weird - I'd try to modify LatTeX2HTML to refer to
Jim> the links as being in <Document Root>/latex2html/icons/ and just
Jim> have a single symlink under /var/www to /usr/lib/latex2html

	Allow me to clarify what I am askig with a small example. I
 have a simple latex file, ~/tex/test/cgi-sec.tex. I run latex2html on
 it, I get
 __> ls -R ~/tex/test	
total 9
   1 ./		     1 ../	       1 cgi-sec/        6 cgi-sec.tex

total 93
   1 ./		         12 .ORIG_MAP.dir*       1 labels.pl
   1 ../	         12 .ORIG_MAP.pag*       3 node1.html
  12 .ID_MAP.dir*         1 cgi-sec.css          5 node2.html
  12 .ID_MAP.pag*         2 cgi-sec.html         2 node3.html
  12 .IMG_PARAMS.dir*     2 index.html	         2 node4.html
  12 .IMG_PARAMS.pag*     1 internals.pl

 cgi-sec/index.html contains the following in the body:
 <A NAME="tex2html1" HREF="node1.html">

	You see the SRC="xxx" above? looking at this file using lynx,
 that works out to be file://usr/lib/latex2html/icons/next_motif.gif,
 which is fine.

	If I now move the whole cgi-sec directory to ~/public_html,
 and my local apache server is configured to see that as
 and the reference now looks like:

	I can make this happen if I create a symlink in the directory:
	Do you think this is allowed?

	If not, how do I make latex2html create the SRC="xxx" segments
 such that the links exist both while looking at the file locally
 using lynx ~/public_html/cgi-sec/index.html and also using the
 http://tiamat.datasync.com/%7Esrivasta/cgi-sec/index.html ? I can see
 no way of making a link under /var/www that would create valid links
 in both cases.

	I know this is wierd, but some would say converting LaTeX to
 HTML is wierd too. 

Manoj Srivastava               <url:mailto:srivasta@acm.org>
Mobile, Alabama USA            <url:http://www.datasync.com/%7Esrivasta/>

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