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Re: ae's vi attempt on boot disks stomps on real vi symlink

>>"Ryan" == Ryan Smith-Roberts <rsr@lab.net> writes:

Ryan> -----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- On 10 May 1997, Manoj
Ryan> Srivastava wrote:

Manoj> It is not as if Debian does not contain vi -- we are talking about
Manoj> a ``crippled'' system, in a sense, because on a first initial
Manoj> install that's what a system is -- it is not a complete system
Manoj> *yet*.

Ryan> What, precisely, is the point of having an entire handful of
Ryan> install disks then?

	So you can install a fairly complex system as painlessly as
 possible. Though the Debian dpkg system is by far the best package
 management system I have seen, it _is_ quite complex, and it takes a
 number of subsystems to be at least minimally functional to enable
 the installation to continue. Unfortunately, peoples favorite editors
 would bloat the installation disks a lot.

Manoj> I think Really experienced Unix people are used to not having vi
Manoj> available during emergency/installation periods. How many
Manoj> commercial unices have vi on / anyway?

Ryan> Really experienced Unix people have absolutely no urge to learn
Ryan> ae.  My boss doesn't have the urge; he'd rather install RedHat,
Ryan> and save on floppies besides.

	And more power to him. I have nothing less than cordial
 feelings for the Red Hat people, they have a nice product. I
 personally think Debian is better (I do not think lacking vi in the
 initial stages of installation is a strong enough drawback in view of
 Debians advantages as a functional system), however, Debian is quite
 clearly not every ones cup of tea (wild horses would not drag my wife
 away from an environment where she is most productive -- Office 95 on
 a Windows 95 machine). 

	However, my wife (the biologist) also reminds me that the
 species which stopped adapting (and learning) have quite often gone

	Also, I never thought I would hear complaints of the learning
 curve of ae (!), with a preference for the nice, simple vi
 (!!). However, I do sympathize with people who lack the ability,
 time, or motivation to learn ae (There _is_ way too many things to do
 and too little time to do them in). I also must extend my sympathy to
 people in circumstances that savings on floppy disks are of

Ryan> I have no urge, myself; I got around this by carrying a seventh
Ryan> floppy (which is now being consumed by the pointless fifth
Ryan> install disk, RRRRRRRRRR[1]) which has nvi on it.

	Good. To each their own ...

Ryan> I thought Debian was supposed to make your life easier?

	For the largest number of people. I think we may have far many
 more ``customers'' who would prefer ae, or at least not object to the
 absence of vi/emace/XEmacs/axe/nedit et al.

 "All those moments will be lost, in time, like tears in rain.  Time
 to Die." Roy Batty, in Blade Runner
Manoj Srivastava               <url:mailto:srivasta@acm.org>
Mobile, Alabama USA            <url:http://www.datasync.com/%7Esrivasta/>

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