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Re: bo boot disks

> So far, I've had one bad
> base disk 2, two bad base disk 3s, and a bad disk 4.  That means
> that, for example, I've installed disk 1 more than five times.
> It would be nice to have an option to retry another copy of the
> floppy after a failure like this.

The darned Linux floppy driver has problems, and has for years.
It works on some Pentium laptops at Pixar only when they are cold.
It used to give problems on 386 systems. The BIOS floppy driver works
fine. We can and should fix floppy_merge to allow re-reads, but 
someome needs to fix the kernel as well.

> (2) I've got a pnp intel etherexpress pro ethernet controller
> (Intel 82557 rev 2) according to /proc/pci -- but neither of
> the intel ethernet modules does me any good.

Is this a card that uses the "tulip" driver?



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