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Re: GOAL: Consistent Keyboard Configuration

On Sat, May 24 1997 20:51 +0200 Christian Schwarz writes:

A agree 110%.

> Hi folks!
> I just read the excellent article "Consisten Keyboard Configuration" by
> John F. Bunch in the Linux Journal, issue #38.
> It would be nice if we could specify a keyboard configuration in the
> Policy Manual. That is: we define how each key should behave in the Debian
> system and configure all our packages to apply to this standard. In Debian
> 2.0 each key should perform the same action in a program, no matter if you
> run it on the console, in an XTerm, or somewhere else (e.g. standalone X
> program).
> For example, on my keyboard I can use the up- and down-arrow keys to
> scroll in "less" (on the console and in an Xterm), but the PgUp and PgDn
> keys only work in the Xterm--not on the console.

Huh. I have the opposite problem: The end key doens't work in xterms!
xterms are in my experience in this regard pathological (opposed to VCs)


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