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Re: Anyone can manipulate any bug report

On Thu, 8 May 1997, Ian Jackson wrote:

> This is operating as designed.  The only other thing to do would be to
> require PGP authentication on all control messages, and to keep an
> up-to-date list of the authorised developers in the bug system.

One item that came to mind when I was forwarding my first bug report today
(and the reason I am writing this note) was that the control mailserver
document states that the control mailserver will stop parsing after it
reaches a "--" so that it won't parse signatures. When I forwarded the
report, I didn't know if I should PGP sign it and then realized that if I
did, the message body would start off with "-----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE-----"
and therefore the body contents would not be parsed (although I may be
missing something). If I am correct, shouldn't the documentation state
this possible problem? Cheers, Colin.

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