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Re: Another one... _):

>         What is the proper thing to do with a package which is free,
>  but whose capabilities would be impaired (some would say seriously
>  impaired) unless a package from the non-free distribution is also
>  installed? (I am talking about LaTeX2HTML and netpbm; LaTeX2HTML runs
>  latex on snippets of the origina that can't be translated into HTML,
>  and then converts the dvi file to ps which it converts to xbm and
>  then to a gif file, inlined in the final product).

Technically, unless the package will not run with out it, that should
fall under "Recommends".  Seriously impared is pushing the limit of
this, but if it means the difference between being in the distribution
and being in contrib/non-free, then mark it as such.

                                 ( bcwhite@verisim.com )

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