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Re: Bug#8315 dpkg removal fails

ian@chiark.greenend.org.uk (Ian Jackson)  wrote on 09.05.97 in <m0wPtpu-0004oOC@chiark.greenend.org.uk>:

> Thomas Koenig writes:
> > I've since found the problem:  the perl installation had been corrupted,
> > so there was no /usr/bin/perl, which confused dpkg mightily. Re-installing
> > perl solved the problem.
> >
> > I'm leaving this bug open, since dpkg and/or dselect should check
> > for such an error, and abort with a reasonable error message as
> > soon as possible (preferably immediately after the installation
> > of perl has failed).  You can't expect that somebody who is just
> > installing Debian for the first time to find an error like that.
> It is unreasonable to expect dpkg to specially detect and diagnose
> every possible breakage that you (or a broken package) might do to
> your system.  In your transcript dpkg correctly notices that an
> installation script has failed, and operates as designed.

However, dpkg should certainly note when a package that is needed for  
nearly every installation failed to install/upgrade, such as perl, for the  
very same reason that dpkg refuses to remove certain packages. (I'd expect  
it's the same packages in both cases.)

Of course, there also is (was?) the perl problem, where the "usual" perl  
replaces the "base" perl, and until it is configured, lots of packages  
can't install. This is (as has been discussed to death) a perl packaging  
design bug. Anybody know if it has been fixed?

> I'm closing this bug report.

Hmm ...

MfG Kai

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