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Re: config packages [Was: rm -r * and the default prompt]

On Wed, 21 May 1997, Brian Mays wrote:

| > With that in mind, wasn't there some dot file generator? Could that thing  
| > be made to do this?
| Now you are talking about a program to be executed by each user that
| lists a series of possible configurations for each application and
| allows the user to choose one.
| This truly would be the best way to make Debian newbie-friendly.  Now
| all we need is someone to write this thing (or to find and improve
| this dot file generator to which you refer, if it exists).

The dotfile generator is a program written in tcl/tk by several Danish
programmers that assists in the configuration of powerful programs with
many options.  I believe it works on a user by user basis, although I'm
not sure. 

See http://www.imada.ou.dk/~blackie/dotfile/ for further information.

Because of its dependency on tcl/tk and X, I'm not sure this is what we
are looking for.  On the other hand, it does have rather extensive lists
of different options.

One idea that crossed my mind - though I do admit I haven't given it much
serious thought, is something similiar to menu.  Ie, we have a
'easy-config' package that gets run each time one of the packages it
'configs' is changed.

The other thing that we really need to establish, however, is a list of
which packages might be made a bit more user friendly with the aid of such
an easy-config package (or simply just some options in the postinstall
scripts).  It might be more work than it's worth if there are only a few,
in which case, options in the post install scripts would be the logical

So far, it seems we have bash, therefore tcsh and zsh would be logical
ones as well.  The dotfile generator has modules for bash, elm, emacs,
fvwm1 & 2, rtin, and tcsh, with other in development. 


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