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Re: Additions to local web documents

> Hi,
> 	Suppose a package wants supply cgi scripts and/or static HTML
>  files for use with a local HTTP server, what is the standard location
>  fot these files? 
> 	I thought that /var/www was the Document root decreed by the
>  Web Standard, but I now see a bug report against dwww for assuming
>  that. 
> 	manoj

/var/www              for html files
/usr/lib/cgi-bin      for cgi scripts

Items in and under these directories get modified by packages that
conform to the web standard.

If you want to build a web server for external use, and don't want
packages automatically modifying it - use different directories.  This
works nicely with Apache's virtual servers - because you can set up
a virtual server that is only accessible locally that uses /var/www
and /usr/lib/cgi-bin, and create virtual servers for external use
that don't get modified by Debian packages.

For my external servers, I use the following directory naming convention:

/var/web/<servername>/html     for html files
/var/web/<servername>/cgi-bin  for cgi-bin files

This way, I have a nice, clean separation of my stuff from the
Debian stuff.

Don't be too concerned about dwww.  The primary problem with it right
now is that the documentation sucks.  (I'm working on it).  People 
may have problems installing it when they have their web servers set
up for non-standard locations.  dwwwconfig is 700+ lines long, because
it attempts to guess what is going on.  But web servers (Apache in
particular) are almost infinitely configurable, so it's not going to
get it right every time.  Again, some more documentation is sorely
needed.  I'll try to have it written by tomorrow.


 - Jim

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